Book Your Quiet Time Away

Don’t miss out on those ‘gentle whispers from God’ call a ‘time out’ of your busy life, come and book a private room in our guest house, read the bible, pray, lean in and listen for ‘that still small voice’ to hear how God is speaking into your life right now. 

Walk the Prayer Labyrinth and feel peace seep into your soul. Read or Meditate on our beautiful grounds; find a peaceful little nook or cranny and just rest. If you need a change of scenery for a while, Earl Rowe Provincial Park is only a few minutes away. Escape onto the many walking trails along man-made lakes and through woodlands.

Access to the church for personal prayer is available during prescribed hours. We are aware of angels in the church from time to time. Perhaps you too will be fortunate to be near when heaven touches earth.

And if you would like to book private confidential prayer time with our prayer ministers at The Christian Healing House, next door to the church … indicate that on your information sheet when you register, and if that is possible with our scheduling we will set that up. Many of our guests … with no interruptions, in this tranquil setting, just sleep … in utter peace for as long as they can. 

This Guest House is designated sacred quiet space for clergy. However, team leaders in ministry are also eligible with a reference from their pastor. We do this to ensure that church leaders can turn off and just look after themselves. Some people come to fast and pray, while others enjoy a good hearty meal out. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and little pubs within walking distance.

The Guest House does not serve food. There will be coffee, tea and small snacks provided, but you will arrange your own meals.

Book Now … to ensure your spot