Prayer Request

Welcome to our Intercessory Prayer Line! We would be happy to pray for you and your loved ones in need of prayer support. Please read the following before leaving your prayer request:

Submit FIRST NAME only. This policy helps to ensure the privacy of those receiving prayer.

We will receive several requests each month so please refrain from sending duplicate requests in the same month. Feel free to resubmit the same name each month if you are still in need of intercessory prayer. We believe God will hear your prayers and of those praying on your behalf. In addition, you may select a maximum of three categories per individual. This will aid our intercessors in praying more specifically for each individual.

The Following are Frequently Asked Questions About Prayer Requests:

Q: Who will be praying for my prayer request?

A: We have a small group of dedicated spiritually mature people who are devoted to healing prayer that pray over the prayer requests.

Q: How long will our intercessors pray for each request?

A: Our intercessors will pray for each of your requests for 30 days. Please submit another request if, at the end of that time, you wish for prayer to continue.

Q: May I select more than one category?

A: Yes, you may select up to three different categories per individual. Please select as many categories as are applicable.

Prayer Request