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It Takes a Village

At St. Andrew Anglican Church, we’ve developed an after-school program that we believe can change the trajectory of young people’s lives.

The Village Kids Club

Provides an opportunity for young children to enter into relationships with adult mentors, who provide skills through activities while listening to, mentoring and caring for them, adults who care about each child and their wonderful uniqueness.

Growing up for children these days is even more difficult than it was for us. Achieving a sense of identity is the major developmental task of a young person. As a child matures and grows, for a myriad of reasons they become strangers to themselves. The bewildered young person begins to askĀ “Who am I?”

Having an identity – knowing who you are gives young people a sense of control that allows them to navigate through life in a healthy way.

What if we connected vulnerable children to safe people in safe nurturing environments? People who genuinely care, people who are paying attention, and taking time to really listen to them can become the safety net a child needs. Safe connections are important to the well-being and development of children.